We offer consultancy services for individuals and organisations on the themes of meaning and purpose.

For a longer description of what philosophical consultancy is and isn’t, and what you can expect from our consultancy services, please see this page.

For descriptions of our philosophical services when it comes to meaning and purpose, please see below.

For Individuals: The search for meaning

Are you searching for your purpose?

Are you going through a crisis where you fear or think everything is meaningless?

For many years, I would have answered yes to both questions. For the best part of a decade, I endured a crisis of meaning, one which caused me great suffering. It paralysed me, it rendered vast stretches of my life grey, it cast its doleful shadow over everything in my life.

I spent many years in this suffering. And in those years, I also read, listened, felt, thought … my entire being was exercised with my search for meaning.

The search led somewhere. And now I want to help anyone who is on the same search, who is suffering because of it, who longs for meaning but is not sure if it even exists, let alone how to find it.

I want to be absolutely clear up-front: I have not found “the secret” or the one unique answer to the meaning of life. I will not be able to tell you what the meaning of life is (at least not with a straight face and my tongue out of my cheek).

I offer something else. I offer the chance to better understand yourself and your search for meaning. For me, this understanding dissolved much suffering. I hope it may do the same for you.

So if these descriptions resonate, if the question of life’s meaning is important to you, if you’ve been looking for answers and haven’t been satisfied with any, contact me here. It may be that I can help you.

For Organizations: Purpose Discovery

The world is always changing. But as of late, it seems to be changing quicker and harder and deeper. The pandemic has shown us what has always been true: we live in uncertain times.

How do you navigate them? How do you make strategic decisions now about a future that is shrouded in mystery? How do you decide what to focus on when everything is shrieking for attention?

You could throw dice, I suppose. But a more sensible alternative might be to figure out the purpose behind your organisation: why do you do what you do?

When you know why you’re in business, you have a rock-solid criterion for choosing the what and the how. A clear understanding of your purpose helps you do more than cope with uncertainty – it helps your business flourish.

We use proprietary processes, established through a mixture of academic research and extensive practical experience, to help you discover your purpose.