The Problems We Solve

Would you like to increase employee engagement?

Would you like to improve relationships and connections in your teams?

Would you like to discover and craft a genuine purpose? No corporate bullshit but something real, something that you actually stand behind, something that inspires and aligns?

Do you take decisions which have an ethical dimension and therefore sometimes face hard ethical choices?

If you said yes to any of the above, we may be able to help. Read on or get in touch right now here.


How much do you know about the person sitting next to you in the office?

Do you know what they care about in life?

What are their ethical beliefs? What are their value systems? Do they believe in God? What is their definition of love?

These are the sorts of things we facilitate and guide discussions about in our team-building philosophy workshops.

Drawing on our decades of experience in classrooms and seminars, we create lively spaces where people feel engaged and stimulated and safe – allowing them to honestly discuss some of their deepest beliefs and questions.

At the end of it, you will know your colleagues better, and in ways that might surprise you.

Deep-and-Meaningfuls are offered as 4 hour, 1 or 2 day events. The 1 and 2 day event is only offered in-person, everything else can be done either in-person or virtually.

Ideally, we’d decide together with you what you wanted to do a Deep-and-Meaningful about. However, if you’d prefer an off-the-rack solution, we have a number of tried and tested topics.

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Purpose for Employee Engagement

Purpose is essential for keeping and attracting talent and for employee engagement.

We offer workshops and training programs that teach managers how to discover employee purpose, how to get it aligned with company purpose and how to use it to increase employee satisfaction and engagement.

We offer workshops for small groups to help participants discover their individual purpose and align it with company purpose.

We offer talks for larger audiences on the topic of finding purpose at work and through work.

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Purpose Discovery

The world is always changing. But as of late, it seems to be changing quicker and harder and deeper.

The pandemic has shown us what has always been true: we live in uncertain times.

How do you navigate them?

How do you make strategic decisions now about a future that is shrouded in mystery?

How do you decide what to focus on when everything is shrieking for attention?

I will answer in one word: purpose.

When you know why you’re in business, you have a rock-solid criterion for choosing the what and the how.

A clear understanding of your purpose helps you do more than cope with uncertainty – it helps your business flourish.

Understanding your purpose has always been important.

But it has perhaps never been this important.

We use proprietary processes, established through a mixture of academic research and extensive practical experience, to help you come up with a compelling and authentic statement of your purpose.

If you’d like to get started, contact us.

Ethics Consulting

Drawing on our expertise of over 15 years of researching and teaching moral philosophy, we offer help with ethical issues to our corporate partners.

Consistent with our understanding of philosophy, our aim is not to tell you what to think. Rather, we offer you different framings for the question, we identify presuppositions and assumptions, we outline the relevant factors, we provide a number of options for you to consider.

The ultimate decision on any ethical question is always a value judgment made by the given individual or company – what we do is try to put you in the best possible place to make that judgment, so it’s the best expression of your values.

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