Are you searching for meaning?

Are you searching for your purpose?

Are you going through a crisis where you fear or think everything is meaningless?

For many years, I would have answered yes to both questions. For the best part of a decade, I endured a crisis of meaning, one which caused me great suffering. It paralysed me, it rendered vast stretches of my life grey, it cast its doleful shadow over everything in my life.

I spent many years in this suffering. And in those years, I also read, listened, felt, thought … my entire being was exercised with my search for meaning.

The search led somewhere. And now I want to help anyone who is on the same search, who is suffering because of it, who longs for meaning but is not sure if it even exists, let alone how to find it.

I want to be absolutely clear up-front: I have not found “the secret” or the one unique answer to the meaning of life. I will not be able to tell you what the meaning of life is (at least not with a straight face and my tongue out of my cheek).

I offer something else. I offer the chance to better understand yourself and your search for meaning. For me, this understanding dissolved much suffering. I hope it may do the same for you.

So if these descriptions resonate, if the question of life’s meaning is important to you, if you’ve been looking for answers and haven’t been satisfied with any, contact me here. It may be that I can help you.

Ethics Consulting

The Bhagavad Gita begins with Arjuna’s torment at having to fight his kinsmen, his honoured teachers, men he has respected and loved. Why? What for? Were it not better simply to lay down arms and die? Were it not better to do nothing?

In his torment, Arjuna turns to the god Krishna for help. And Krishna tells him: you cannot do nothing, Arjuna. No one can. To be human is to act. It is our inescapable condition. The question is not whether we should act but rather: how should we act?

Philosophers have thought about this question for thousands of years. And across different cultures, they have developed many different ideas and answers.

That wisdom is normally locked up in books and lecture theatres, inaccessible to most of us. What we try to do here is bring that wisdom to real life, to the concrete ethical question that you have in your life now. Using the insights that philosophers have developed, we give you ways of understanding your ethical question and of how you want to answer it.

If you want to find out more, get in touch here.

Bespoke Philosophy

Imagine being able to learn about exactly what you wanted to learn about. Imagine a program of learning that was constructed according to your needs and interests.

Imagine, in other words, how wonderful learning could be.

That’s what we offer with bespoke philosophy. Come to us with the philosophical question or questions that interest you. Talk to us about them, tell us what you care about, what it is you burn to know more about.

And on that basis, we’ll construct a completely bespoke program for you, tailored to your specifications.