It’s really free

When we say that we offer philosophical consultancy to individuals for free, we mean it.

It’s really free. We want nothing in return.

We don’t want your email address, we don’t want you to sign up for anything, we don’t want you to pay what you think is fair. We don’t want publicity, we don’t want likes, follows, or retweets.

We simply want to help you.

It’s free because …

To charge a fee fundamentally and irretrievably alters the relationship between two people.

The work we do relies on the human relationship that we establish – the purer and more loving the relationship, the greater the chances of the work being productive.

Not charging a fee by no means guarantees that we’ll establish a pure and loving relationship. But it helps.

It’s free because …

I’ve been very lucky in my life.

I’ve been continually helped by people, people who had no reason to help me, who did it out of goodness and love.

Strangers have turned up and generously given something that I needed without asking for anything in return.

I’ve had scholarships to study in prestigious places. I’ve been paid by taxpayers to read and write and teach philosophy.

So I don’t want to charge for the help I offer. And as I run this whole operation, I can do what I want. Therefore: free for individuals.

So if you’re interested …

Get in touch and tell us what we can help you with.