Purpose Discovery

Purpose isn’t invented – it’s discovered.

We use proprietary processes, established through a mixture of academic research and extensive practical experience, to help you come up with a compelling and authentic statement of your purpose.

Purpose Implementation

Ideas are a dime-a-dozen: what matters is execution.

A compelling and authentic statement of purpose is necessary but insufficient. We need to implement purpose in our actions and our culture if we want to realize its benefits.

If you want to live purpose, not just state it, we can help. Based on our proprietary purpose-mapping system, we offer boutique solutions to the challenge of implementing purpose at different levels of your organisation.

Purpose Alignment

In order for purpose to be truly effective, it must be aligned along multiple dimensions.

It must be aligned with other values. How does your purpose align with your obligations to shareholders? How does it align with your obligations to employees?

It must be aligned across the relevant people. If your company purpose is at odds with the purpose of your employees, articulating and implementing a company purpose will actually do more harm than good.

We offer a variety of tools and processes to help with purpose alignment along different dimensions and between varied stakeholders.

Purpose & Employee Engagement

Purpose is essential for keeping and attracting talent and for employee engagement.

We offer bespoke, holistic solutions to the challenge of employee engagement.

We conduct qualitative research and offer practical, realistic solutions to the issues we discover.

We offer workshops and training programs that teach managers how to discover employee purpose, how to get it aligned with company purpose and how to use it to increase employee satisfaction and engagement.

We offer workshops for small groups to help participants discover their individual purpose and align it with company purpose.

We offer talks for larger audiences on the topic of finding purpose at work and through work.


We offer a range of talks around the theme of purpose. Topics include:

  • The search for purpose
  • The meaning of work
  • The value of unhappiness
  • Dealing with fear
  • Living in uncertainty
  • Radical acceptance
  • Finding joy

One-to-One Services

On a limited basis, we offer 1-to-1 consultation and mentoring to owners and C-Suite executives related to the challenges of finding and living purpose.

This work is always unique and tailored to the specific circumstances, so please contact us to find out how we can specifically help you.

Pro Bono

We offer our services pro bono to individuals and organizations who cannot afford to pay and whose values and purpose align with ours.

If this describes you, please get in touch. Money will most certainly not stop us from working together.